Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is École St. John Paul II School located?
Our school is located at 4802 Southlands Drive SE, near Holy Family Parish.

What are the school bell times?

8:25 AM Morning Warning Bell
8:30 AM AM Classes Begin
10:00 AM Recess (15 minutes)
11:50 AM Lunch (20 minutes)
12:10 PM Lunch Recess
12:25 PM PM Classes Resume
2:40 PM Dismissal


Please note the following program hours:

8:30 AM to 11:15AM AM Early Learning Program
11:55 AM to 2:40 PM PM Early Learning Program



8:30 AM to 11:15AM AM Kindergarten (English Stream)
11:55 AM to 2:40 PM PM Kindergarten (French Immersion Stream)


Do you have an Out of School program?

Yes. Our OSC is available for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The morning portion will begin at 7 AM and the afternoon portion will run until 5:30 pm.

What is the age eligibility?
Early Learning: Children ages 3-5 as of September 1st, can register for the Early Learning Program. Programming for children with special needs starts at age 2½. Early Learning is a fee-for-service program.

Kindergarten: A child who turns 5 years old on or before December 31st, can start Kindergarten in the fall of that year. 

Are Early Learning and Kindergarten programs offered in the Morning and Afternoon?
Early Learning is offered in both the AM and PM. Our Early Learning Programs offer a diverse language experience focus.

Kindergarten is offered in both the AM and PM.

Are Early Learning and Kindergarten Programs half-day or full-day?
Both programs are half-day programs. Your child can attend a combination of half-day Kindergarten and half-day Early Learning Program in the same school day! Supervision is offered to bridge the two programs.

What are features of the school?
École St. John Paul II School offers state-of-the-art learning environments to our students.  Upon entry you will observe a learning commons with furniture that offers a "balanced learning environment" (i.e. a mix of traditional desks, tables and standing desks)!  Further to this, our school boasts a foyer with large windows (floor to ceiling) that allows natural light to spill into the building.  Our school (including our playground) is fully accessible and allows all students to participate fully.  We are in close proximity to Holy Family Parish and our schoolyard boasts a skating rink .

What are the Attendance Areas and Boundaries of the School?
English Stream: East of 13th Avenue, South of the Trans Canada, North of the City Boundary which includes Southlands; Dunmore and the Rural 2 component, the Rural 2 component of the District does not include Desert Blume. Desert Blume will be zoned to St. Patrick’s School.

French Immersion: City-wide - All Division Attendances Zones.

How many students can attend the school?
The school was originally constructed as a 250-seat elementary school, however we are pleased to announce the addition of three modulars that will increase the capacity of the school to 325 students.

Where can I register?
To register, please call the school at 403-527-7333 and/or visit our online registration page.