Library News

Message from the Library

Welcome to École St. John Paul II School.  Here is some information about the Library that I hope you find useful.

Our Library exchange schedule will run as follows:


Grade 1 (Miss Votta)

Grade 5/6 (English)

Grade 2 (English)

Grade 1 (French)



Grade 5/6 (French)

ELP (AM English)

Kindergarten (AM English)

ELP (PM English)

Grade 4 (French)



ELP (French)

Grade 2/3 (French)

Kindergarten (French)

Grade 4/5 (English)

Grade 2/3 (English)

All students take out library books for a one week duration. However, if a book is not finished after that week, students can renew the book for another week (students must bring their book back to the school to renew it).  If the book is not returned on the due date, the student will receive an overdue notice. After three (3) notices, if the book is still not returned, you will receive a bill for the replacement cost of the book.  Likewise, no more books will be issued to that student unless the book is returned or payment is made.  We ask you to pay through School Cash Online.

It is important to assist your child in returning their library books on their designated day. The library is full of exciting and interesting French and English books – and we would like nothing more than to have each student take advantage of our fine collection of books!

Mrs./Mme Crissy Mcpherson